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Marriage dissolution & ASSEt division

What is a marital asset?

How are assets divided in a divorce?

What if my spouse depletes marital assets before our divorce?

When do marital assets end?

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What is a premarital agreement?

How will the premarital agreement effect the divorce settlement?

Can a premarital agreement be changed or voided?

How does infidelity affect a divorce in Florida?

What personal assets do not count as

marital assets?

Why is involving a lawyer in drafting or reviewing a prenuptial agreement advantageous?

Is the “Mom Gets Everything” in the divorce an outdated reality?

What divorce situations do not qualify for a simple 50/50 split of assets and/or child custody?

If a party includes false items or does not report assets in a prenuptial agreement is the document void?

Marriage dissolution & Alimony

What are the different types of alimony?

How do the courts determine alimony?

How does the length of the marriage effect alimony?

How do the courts determine who gets to keep the family home?

How do the courts determine rehabilitative alimony?

When can someone lose their alimony payments?

Marriage dissolution & Child CUSTODY & Support

How is child support determined?

Can child support be modified as circumstances change?

What do the courts look at when calculating child support?

What are the repercussions for not paying child support?

What legal avenues are available for someone whose spouse is not paying court-ordered child support?

If a party remarries can child  support payments be adjusted ?